Michael Ritzmann alias “Dr. Molrok” was born in 1982 in Erfurt and matriculated after high school at the University of Erfurt in philosophy , psychology and educational sciences in.however, the study broke off in 2006 to the benefit of his artwork.

Originally emerged from the graffiti scene, he autodidactical works with a variety of artistic media. In addition to classical painting, the construction of display cases, enamel, sculpture , photography , fine printing, design , gold and silver-smithing and the realization of expansive installations, the artist has turned his focus on big mural-pieces on large facades including abandoned industrial places and cooperative projects with schools and cities.

Exhibitions and awards (selection)

single exhibitions

2019 „Steel Magnolia“, HAMMERSCHMIDT + GLADIGAU, Erfurt
2014 „Swing Hail“, Galerie Waidspeicher, Erfurt
2006 Rathausgalerie, Erfurt
2004 „cons – 3.14159265 -ra-tief,“ Colegium maius, Erfurt

group exhibitions

2005 „Email-le“, Galerie Waidspeicher, Erfurt
„auction markets otto hetzter”, International Emailconvention Artforum, Viehauktionshalle, Weimar
2008 „Fusion Festival“, area design, Lärz
2009 Jahresausstellung Schlosspavillon, Coburg
„Fusion Festival“, area design, Lärz
„Below the line“, Kunsthaus Erfurt/ Altes Innenministerium, Erfurt
2010 Installation, Lange Nacht der Museen, Erfurt
2011 Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2012 „Ruhr Biennale 2012“, Duisburg
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Kunsthalle Weimar
2013 „Lange Nacht der Museen“, Stuttgart
2013 „Young Erfurt Artists/ YEA #4“, Kunsthaus Erfurt
Galerie 7b, Erfurt
2014 „Die alte Leier“, Heizwerk, Erfurt
2015 „500th -anniversary -tribute exibition Hieronymus Bosh“, Museum voor vlakglas, Ravenstein/NL
„Ostrale“, Dresden
„Internationales Emaillesymposium“, Erfurt
„IBUG“, Crimmitschau
„in your face“, Augsburg
2016 „Auf Augenhöhe“, Neues Rathaus, Dresden
Schaupavillion, Kulturquartier Erfurt
„IBUG“, fuego a la Isla „ Chemnitz
2017 „The Haus – Berlin Art Bang“, Berlin
Millerntor Gallery, Hamburg
„Splash“, Gräfenhainichen
„Rohbau“, Reichenbach
Balkon Rathaus, Balkon Angermuseum, Erfurt
2018 „Splash“, Gräfenhainichen
„summaery“, Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar
„Monumenta“, Leipzig


Collection of the city of Erfurt
Collection of the city of Mainz
Collection of the Diocese of Trier

Literature / Publications (selection)
The 44th International exhibition enamelling artist association of japan catalog , Tokyo, Japan 2011
Melted structures; exhibition catalog of the gallery Neosyne , Trier ,D 2011 , ISSN 2192-8401
International Biennial of émaux d‘ art du plessis pâté 2011
The 46th International exhibition of japan enamelling artist association catalog Tokyo, Japan 2012
„homo Lundes “ Ruhr Biennale 2012 catalog

Ostrale´15 Katalog , Dresden , Deutschland 2015