Doterius Molrok is a German contemporary artist. „Dr.Molrok“ was raised in the former GDR. After receiving his A-level he read philosophy, psychology and childhood education at Erfurt university in 2003 but abandoned the studies in 2006 to focus on creative artwork.

„Dr.Molrok´s“ artistic work started in 1994 with illegal graffiti. In 1999, he was introduced to the „Künstlerwerkstätten“ (artist´s workshop) in Erfurt, which he continues to use for his enamel-works. He creates works in the genres of fine arts, painting, sculpture, photography, photographic processing techniques, production design, gold and silversmithing, props, customers- specifications as well as facade/mural-design and professional lunatism.

Exhibitions and Prices (selection)

  • 2004 „cons-3.14159265-ra-tief“, colegium maius / Old University
  • of Erfurt
  • 2005 „Enamel-le“ Güldenen Krönbacken / Kunstforum Erfurt
  • 2005 international enamel congress Artforum / livestock
  • collection Weimar
  • 2006 Personnel Exhibition / Rathausgalerie Erfurt; artist working
  • at the Stadt-Festival Mainz -awarding the city‘s award
  • 2008 Landed design „Fusion-Festival“
  • 2009 Annual exhibition Schlosspavillon Coburg
  • 2010 Large installation – Long Night of the Museums Erfurt
  • 2011 Ueno Royal Museum /Tokyo
  • 2012 European Artist Award of the European Union
  • Tokyo Metropolitain Art Museum
  • Kunsthalle Weimar; Ruhrbiennale
  • 2013 Long Night of Museums / Stuttgart
  • 2014 swinghail – Gallery Waidspeicher / Erfurt; Ibug2014;
  • The old Leier – heating plant / Erfurt
  • 2015 500th anniversary of the tribute exhibition Hieronymus
  • Bosh / museum voor vlakglasen
  • emaillekunst Ravenstein, NL; OSTRALE / Dresden;
  • Int. Emaillesymposium2015 / Erfurt
  • Ibug2015; „Meeting of styles“
  • 2016 On the summit -Neuest Rathaus Dresden
  • Schaupavillion of the Kulturquatieres Erfurt
  • Ibug2016
  • • 2017 Thehaus-Berlinartbang; millerntorgallery / Hamburg
  • „streetatelier“ – arte-creative
  • street art museum /amsterdam


  • Graffiti-Art-Germany 2006. Black head & black head
  • The 44th international exhibition of Japanese enamelling artist
  • association catalog, Tokyo 2011
  • Melted structures. Exhibition catalog of Galerie Neosyne, Trier
  • Biennial international of the émaux d‘art du plessis-pâté, 2011
  • The 46th international exhibition of the Japanese enamelling
  • artist association catalog, Tokyo 2012
  • „Homolundes“ Ruhrbiennale catalog, 2012
  • OSTRALE`O15 Catalog of the Ostrale, 2015
  • „ESSENCE“ Catalog of the International Enamel Symposium 2015
  • Catalog „thehaus“ Berlin 2017


  • Collection of the city of Erfurt
  • Collection of the city of Mainz
  • Collection of the Diocese of Trier

Going to the movies

This free standing sculpture was produced as an central object on my artist portrait for the European tv station ARTE to demonstrate what my sculptural art is about.

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