House party invitation

Kudamm Berlin

House party invitation Kudamm Berlin

I was invited to join a project in the well known β€žkudammβ€œ area near β€žbahnhof zooβ€œ in Berlin. The caller said he has been following my stuff for years in the inernet and offered me a spot in the project. This team of Berlin artists were asked to transform an old banking house into an off-space gallery for the summer of 2017.

On 5 floors, hosting over 100 leading street artists from around the world, this project will push boundaries.The nice thing about the concept is the idea of transient street arts. All arts produced on location will be destroyed with the demolition of the house. I hope to get a picture of a digger crushing my installation and tearing it into pieces....:)

House party invitation



House party invitation 2017
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